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Center for Innovation and Engineering : DARPA WarriorWeb Program Support

DARPA WarriorWeb Program Support

 Strategy: Envision means and methods for providing soldier overmatch capabilities. Effort incorporates:
  • Review of historical trends for dismounted fighting,
  • Review extant and envision future technologies focused on dismounted overmatch,
  • Study of the ethical implications involved with enhancement of the dismounted soldier,
  • Requirements for tactical employment of dismounts in combat,
  • Impact of information overload from network sources on dismounts and decision makers,
Technology: Advise, develop and improve upon specific technologies in support of warrior enhancement programs
  • Reduction of weight and improvement of efficiency for on-board power sources,
  • Continued development of muscular-skeletal support mechanisms for soldiers (powered lower leg prosthetic, lower-body active-passive exo-skeleton, e.g.)