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SigAct Article - Warrior Web Workshop

Center for Innovation and Engineering Hosts Multidisciplinary Faculty Group Participating in Warrior Web Workshop at West Point: A group of faculty members from the Departments of Civil & Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, Physical Education, Behavioral Science & Leadership, Chemistry & Life Sciences, History, and English and Philosophy took part in a full-day workshop on 15 February. Included as well were representatives from UPITT, NSF (National Robotics Initiative), DARPA (Army and Air Force reps), Natick – SRDEC, MEDCOM, KACH and representatives from industry. Approximately 20 individuals from outside West Point attended in person, while as many as seven individuals were connected from both coasts of the United States. The workshop was jointly sponsored by DARPA and West Point’s Center for Innovation and Engineering (CIE). This is the third such meeting, hosted every six months, to update fellow researchers on current R&D efforts, gain feedback from collaborators and build new teams for nascent lines of inquiry. The group discussed current technology efforts that are specifically directed at supporting the DARPA Warrior Web and Army Decisive Soldier Initiatives. Cadet and faculty participants presented the status of on-going research efforts to the group. Faculty presenters and team leads included: Dr. Becky Zifchock, Dr. Matthew Flynn, MAJ Clay McVay, MAJ JJ Johnston, Dr John Rogers, MAJ Jed Richards, LTC Dave Barnes, and Dr. Lisa Korenman. POC: LTC Bruce Floersheim,
LTC Dave Barnes (DEP) updates the group on the latest guidance coming from Army leadership for “Decisive Soldier” Initiatives.
Dr Matt Flynn (D/Hist) provides a historical perspective on the issue of soldier load.
CDT Adam Leemans briefs attendees on the results of a six-month study run at West Point with close partnership between two centers (CIE and CPDE) to determine the physical effects of harvesting energy from a soldier while walking.
Workshop attendees gather for a group photo.