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CLCRS - Current Projects
Project Title PI Domain(s) Lead Agency Funded? (Potential)Funding Source(s) Funding Amount USMA Partners External Research Partners
Magacities Dr. Rick Wolfel LREC CSA SSG No n/a n/a DSS CSA SSG, I-CoE, TRADOC, Vice Chief, Army G2
Megacities Fellow Dr. Rick Wolfel LREC Carlisle Pending Carlisle MEL-1 Fellow Survey None CSA SSG, NYU, FDNY, South Shore Center
SOAR Project Dr. Rick Wolfel LREC Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center a/a tbd n/a GENE Oak Ridge
Subterrajean Working Group Dr. Rick Wolfel LREC RDECOM No tbd n/a n/a RDECOM
NYU Wagner School Partnership Dr. Rick Wolfel LREC CLCRS No Minerva tbd DSS NYU Wagner School, Minerva
Determinants of 3C Dr. Rick Wolfel Culture CLCRS No n/a n/a n/a n/a
Influence of MPQ on Language Proficiency and 3C Dr. Rick Wolfel and Dr. Jeff Watson L/C CLCRS No n/a n/a n/a n/a
Chinese Legal Culture and the Discourse of Rule of Law LTC John Gregory LREC CLCRS Partially Faculty Development Funding $2,500 n/a n/a
Teaching Culture Memetically Through Video in 1st-Year Russian Courses Dr. Jeff Watson L/C CLCRS No n/a n/a n/a n/a
Teaching Verbal Aspect in 2nd-Year Russian Courses: A simplified one-stem approach Dr. Jeff Watson Language CLCRS No FDF - Spring 2016? Conference Travel n/a n/a
Assessing Language Learning Strategy Use During Study Abroad Dr. Jeff Watson and COL Gregory Ebner L/C CLCRS No FDF - Spring 2016? Conference Travel DFL n/a
Chinese Big Data Sentiment Analysis LTC John Gregory and CDT Jinny Yan LREC CLCRS Yes Minerva Grant through the Cyber Institute n/a U.S. Army Cyber Institute n/a
Last Updated - 11/6/2015