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CLCRS Faculty 

Name Position Phone E-mail
COL Gregory Ebner Department Head, Department of Foreign Languages 845.938.2002
LTC E. John Gregory Director, Center for Languages, Culture, and Regional Studies 845.938.2919
CPT JR Sessions ​Deputy Director, Center for Languages, Cultures, and Regional Studies ​845-938-4572
Dr. Jeff R. Watson Chair of Linguistics and Language Acquisition 845.938.0292
Dr. Rick L. Wolfel Chair of Intercultural Competence 845.938.8798
Dr. Adam Kalkstein ​Chair of Regional Expertise ​845.938.3403
Ms. Sherri Bellinger Operations & Assessment Manager 845.938.5329
Mr. James Piscitelli ​IT Specialist ​845.938.0972

CLCRS Fellows 

Name Position Phone E-mail
LTC Remi M. Hajjar Assistant Professor, Department of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership 845-938-3270