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Center Initiatives

The Center is currently working towards the following objectives in support of its mission goals: 
  • Develop assessment tools and conduct assessment for immersion experiences, LP/3C/RK, and CLDS for publication and feedback.
  • Publish/Present research in appropriate publication/presentation fora.
  • Conduct and publish research with a focus on education.
  • Organize panels, sessions, etc. & participate in recognized conferences in LP/3C/RK.
  • Host an annual conference on LP/3C/RK.
  • Develop research opportunities for faculty and cadets.
  • Exploit & promote technology across the curriculum to enhance instruction/learning.
  • Promote the integration of LP/3C/RK into the core curriculum.
  • Develop instructional tools & train/mentor faculty to enhance LP/3C/RK instruction.
  • Formalize relationships with TRADOC, HTS, 3C Project, DIA, USMA.
  • Integrate CLCRS into academic governance at USMA.
  • Outreach to private sector. 
For a list of specific initiatives in the Center's three research domains, please visit each domain area.

Language Proficiency          Cross-Cultural Competence          Regional Expertise