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Civil and Mechanical Engineering : Civil Engineering Major

Major in Civil Engineering (CVNO)  

Templates are current for students enrolling in Civil Engineering programs for the Class of 2016.
Common Core Courses
  • Complete the twenty-six common courses 
Civil Engineering Required Courses
Descriptions of each course can be found in the Academy's RedBook
  • MC300 Fundamentals of Engineering Mechanics & Design
  • MC311 Thermal-Fluid Systems I
  • MC364 Mechanics of Materials
  • CE350 Introduction to the CE Infrastructure
  • CE371 Soil Mechanics Foundation Engineering
  • CE380 Hydrology and Hydraulic Design
  • CE390 Civil Engineering Site Design
  • CE400 CE Professional Practice
  • CE403 Structural Analysis
  • CE404 Design of Steel Structures
  • CE450 Construction Management
  • CE483 Design of Concrete Structures
  • CE492 Design of CE Systems
  • EE301 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering

 Math and Basic Science Electives(Choose 1 of 6 

  • CH371 Intro to Analytical Chemistry
  • MA364 Engineering Mathematics
  • MA371 Linear Algebra
  • MA376 Applied Statistics
  • PH365 Modern Physics
  • SE375 Statistics for Engineers
Field Elective Courses
(Choose 2 or 3)
  • CE472 Advanced Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
  • CE489 Advanced Individual Study in Civil Engineering
  • CE490 Topics in Civil Engineering
  • CE491 Advanced Structural Analysis
  • CE495 Transportation Engineering
  • EV385 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
  • EV394 Hydrogeology
  • EV401 Environmental Systems Analysis
  • EV481 Water Resources Management
  • MC478 Structural Mechanics
  • MC306 Dynamics
  • MC312 Thermal-Fluid Systems II
  • ME370 Computer Aided Design
  • ME472 Energy Conversion Systems
  • MC486 Vibration Engineering 
  • ME491 Mechanical Powerplants
Engineering Electives
(Choose 1 or 0)
  • CE399 Field Engineering Readiness Lab - USAFA
  • CE489A Advanced Individual Study in Civil Engineering
  • EV301 Environmental Science
  • EV380 Principles of Surveying
  • EV388A Physical Geology
  • EV398 Geographic Information Systems
  • MC380 Engineering Materials
  • XE495 Topics: Advanced Technology
  • XS391 Environmental Chemistry
Honors Program (CVN0H)
The requirements for Graduating with Individual Honors in the Civil Engineering major are:
  • A QPA of at least 3.0 in the 26 common core courses, CE300, CE460, CE404, and EE301.
  • A QPA of at least 3.5 in the remaining courses taken as part of the CE major.
  • A significant individual paper or report based on an experience relevant to the cadet’s program of study and approved by the CE Program Director (automatically satisfied by taking CE400).
Questions: COL Karl F. Meyer, CE Program Director