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Detection of Explosives and Chemical Warfare Agents
chem_research_warfare01.pngWhat is the best way to analyze new textiles/materials for their protection factor against chemical warfare agents(CWAs)? Does the current analytical system tell us enough about these materials when they are exposed to vapors of CWAs? Do we currently use best laboratory methods to answer the question, “How long does a soldier have before CWAs “break through” the material and cause direct exposure?”? My research seeks to assist the Army in developing the best testing practices for new materials, which cadets might find themselves wearing one day out in the field. In addition, the search to identify IEDs before they kill is proving to be quite a challenge. Another project involves assisting the Army to develop a data base of information about the chemical vapor given off by various explosives. This could in turn be used in their identification prior to detonation or even to verify their presence after incomplete detonation.

Point of Contact:
Dr. Dawn E. Riegner
Bartlett Hall Room 404-A