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Center for Molecular Science : jkw_clinical-experiments

Assessment of Biomarker Levels in Clinical Experiments

Our laboratory is collaborating with clinicians at Keller Army Community Hospital (KACH) and scientists from the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership (BS&L) and the Photonics Research Center (PRC) in several clinical trials.  Our role is to process the biological samples, extracting the cells or molecules of interest for subsequent analysis by qPCR, microarray, ELISA, and other means.
We are working on a project to assess the relationship between the depression biomarker protein, p11, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in cadets at West Point during the spring academic semester.  We are collaborating with Dr. Per Svenningsson (Karolinska Institute, Sweden) and Dr. Paul Greengard (Rockefeller University) who was awarded the Nobel Prize for his advancements in neuroscience.
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Further, we are collaborating with KACH physicians and researchers to investigate blood biomarkers that may be used to predict the outcome of ACL reconstruction in cadets at West Point.  Given the prevalence of sports-related injury at West Point and in the Army, the medical leadership is interested in developing tools that may guide physicians in the future.