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About the C/NRCD
The Center has a strong focus on professional practice to support the development of current and future Army leaders by providing opportunities for cadets and faculty to study abroad and other immersion experiences in addition to the conduct of research to support the nation reconstruction and capacity development mission of the Army.

The C/NRCD aims to:
  • Enrich cadet education through cultural immersion experiences, added research opportunities, increase resources, and other extra-curricular educational opportunities,
  • Provide professional development opportunities for faculty,
  • Enhance West Point's reputation as an intellectual asset for the DoD and the nation,
  • Enhance West Point's reputation as the national leader in undergraduate education,
  • Provide needed research, training, and education for a problem of national and international priority,
  • Leverage West Point's intellectual capital by engaging in mutually beneficial relationships with the Army, DoD, and other national and international organizations to provide solutions to a problem of national and global significance,
  • Provide for the integration of new analytical techniques, doctrine, and technologies across multiple disciplines,
  • Facilitate relationships between the Army and various NGOs, DoD, and non-DoD federal agencies involved in the NR/CD effort,
  • Provide avenues to disseminate knowledge in the NR/CD, and
  • Facilitate publication of significant contributions in NR/CD and related disciplines
History of the C/NRCD

The Superintendent of the United States Military Academy officially approved the creation of the Center for Nation Reconstruction and Capacity Development (C/NRCD) on 18 November 2010. Leadership from The Academy and Army along with other members of academia, realized that the US Army, as an agent of the nation, would continue to grapple with the burden of nation building for the foreseeable future.

The military has performed this role throughout history-ensuring the safety and security of the local populace, assisting with reconstruction, and providing basic sustenance and public services. Equally important, its military forces, in support of the civilian agencies charged with leading these complex endeavors, will play a vital role in nation reconstruction and capacity development in both pre and post conflict environments.

West Point affords The C/NRCD an interdisciplinary perspective making it uniquely postured to develop training, education, and research to support this mission.