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Online Resources
This website provides a concise explanation of what sustainable agriculture is. Additionally, it identifies and discusses various factors that affect sustainable agriculture and its growth in developing countries.
Keywords: Renewable Agriculture, Food, Economic Productivity
This website contains information relating to sustainable agriculture. This site also contains a useful list of published resources that are related to agricultural development and sustainment.
Keywords: agriculture management, food production, small farms, forestry, environmental protection, sustainment
This 27-page paper discusses and analyzes the findings of a research project, funded by the Netherlands which is titled, "The economic Importance of Agriculture for Sustainable Development and Poverty Reduction." This research paper focuses on the empirical effects that agricultural development has on a multitude of selected countries' economy, productivity, and reduction of poverty.
Keywords: Agricultural productivity, Poverty, Agricultural Development 
Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) Agribusiness Development Teams in Afghanistan
This CALL handbook provides a comprehensive look at how the U.S. Military trained, deployed, and utilized teams to Afghanistan to stimulate that countries agriculture and agriculture economy. It contains chapters related to establishing relationships, funding projects, cultural influences, and lessons learned. This is publication has been approved for public release with unlimited distribution. Development Teams in Afghanistan HBk Indexed.pdf Keywords: Agribusiness Development, Agriculture Lessons Learned, Local Farmers,

Organizations / Points of Contact

List of international organizations involved with agriculture from the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service.
Keywords: sustainable, agriculture, farming

City and Guilds Center for Skills Development (UK NGO)
This NGO focuses on the training and development of women to empower them to enter the agricultural workforce in developing countries. This NGO completed a report in 2009 with regards to training for rural development and has its findings posted on its website.
Keywords: Agricultural Training, Rural development, Women, Training, Agricultural Improvement

List of Rural Training Institutions and Programs (Central and South America)
This website provides a list of rural vocational training institutes in a number of countries in Central and South America. Each institute has a web-link that the user can click on to find out more information about working with or contacting the training institution.
Keywords: Rural training, Agricultural Training

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
This website has articles and contact information for various topics relating to agriculture. This organization deals with all aspects of agriculture and livestock production as well as with rural infrastructure and agro-business (Clicking on the navigation categories on the left of the screen will cause drop down menus with many more sub categories to appear).
Keywords: Agriculture Production, Livestock Production, Livestock Health, Plant Protection

Fish Farming / Fisheries
Fisheries Technology Associates, Inc.
This is a website of a consulting agency for fish farming, aquaculture, and fisheries. Their website contains information regarding the general aspects of fish farming and what starting a fishery entails.
Keywords: Fish Culture, Wild Fisheries

This published work discusses the impact of fish farming in several developing countries. It focuses its analysis on the economic impact that fish farms can have on developing countries.
Keywords: Fish Culture, Fresh Water Fish, Hatchery, Fishery, economic development
Organizations / Points of Contact

Committee on Fisheries (COFI)
COFI is subsidiary body of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. This link provides a brief description of the function of the organization as well as contact information. Additionally the reports from all of the recent committee meetings are listed.
Keywords: Fisheries, Aquaculture, UN organization related to Fish Farming

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