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Commander's Emergency Response Program (CERP)

CERP is a DoD funded program that allows commanders who are deployed OCONUS access to additional financial assets in order to assist native people and facilitate the timely completion of their mission. Although CERP was designed specifically for the Iraq theater, the program is now used in Afghanistan as well.

Read the article on CERP written by LTC Mark S. Martins, deputy legal counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff:

A more thorough history and purpose of the program can be found here:

The DoD Financial Management Regulation that governs the CERP can be found, with its major changes as of JAN 2009 by following the link below:

Additional CERP Related Publications:
Money as a Weapons System Afghanistan: Commander's Emergency Response Program (CERP) SOP (DEC 09)
This publication provides guidance and direction on how to use the CERP program within the framework and guidlines of MAAWS in Afghanistan.  The purpose of the CERP program is to enable commanders to respond to urgent humanitarian relief and reconstruction requirements within their area of responsibility by carrying out programs that will immediately assist the indigenous population.

Commander's Guide to Money as a Weapons System: Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
This publication created by the Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) is designed to assist company, battalion, and brigade level officers and noncommissioned officers to effectively use money as a weapons system on the counterinsurgency (COIN) battlefield.
CALL Commander's Guide to MAAWS (APRIL 09).pdf

Money as a Weapons System Afghanistan (USFOR-A PUB 1-06)
This publication focuses on how the precepts set forth in MAAWS (April 09) uniquely apply in Afghanistan's unique operating environment. 
MAAWS Afghanistan (USFOR-A PUB 1-06) (JAN 10).pdf

CERP CERP was designed to provide assistance in Iraq, but is also being used in Afghanistan.

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