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AIADs: Practical Advanced Application of Skills

cnrcd_aiads.pngThe Advanced Individual Academic Development (AIAD) program provides cadets with an opportunity to observe and implement concepts from their course work in systems engineering and engineering management over several weeks during a summer internship. The AIAD program enables cadets to work side by side with leaders in government and industry both stateside and abroad. It is a critical part of developing our leaders for the challenges they will face in the 21st Century. These unique experiences broaden cadets' perspectives and provide them with practical advanced education related to their responsibilities as future leaders for our military.

In recent years, cadets have worked with The Army Science Board, the Environmental Protection Agency, Raytheon, Boeing, TRADOC Research and Analysis Command, and NATO. These opportunities allow cadets to travel around the world including France, Australia, Nicaragua, Germany, Honduras, Washington, D.C., Monterey, CA, and Maui, HI. Some AIADs lead to capstone research projects in the following academic year.

For more information on AIADs, or becoming a partner, contact Mr. Eugene Lesinski.

Study Abroad
The C/NRCD has the mission of developing study abroad opporutnities that are not language centric.  The international learning created by a study abroad expereince builds cadets’ capacity to manage ambiguity, critical thinking, and effective leadership, through the expereince of being exposed and immersed in new cultures.  Currently, the C/NRCD has programs in China and Singapore which are open to all majors. For more information on study abroad, or becoming a partner, contact Dr. Bruce Keith.