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Center Projects 2011-2012​
AFRICOM/ERDEC Sponsored Projects
     Demonstration Assessment Methodology for Kenya
     Analytical Tool for Regional Analysis
ERDEC Sponsored Project
     Effects of Infrastructure Investment on Illicit Drug
ACSIM Sponsored Projects
     Kwajalein Atoll
          Installation Planning
          Ebeye Economic Development
     Return on Investment for Alternative Energy and
     Security to Support POM Process
     Australian Military/Civilian Integration Experience
     Army Family Programs
     Systems Analysis of North Korea

Center Projects 2010-2011​​
AFRICOM/ERDEC Sponsored Projects
     Conflict indicators for Sudan
ERDEC Sponsored Projects
     Systems analysis of illicit transportation networks
     Systems analysis of economic development in
     Gap analysis methodology
USMA Sponsored Project
     Design study abroad
Department of State/ERDEC Sponsored Project
     Resource prioritization model for Afghanistan/CERP
Stability Operations Center/ACSIM Sponsored Project
     Reachback website
ACSIM Sponsored Reserach Project
      Nation building/capacity development training program
      for d
eploying units