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Governance Resources

m-Government:  Cases for Developing Countries (Paper)
This paper discusses how the concept of e-government has allowed citizens to be more connected to their governments in developed nations.  It then goes on to discuss various aspects of how mobile communication technology can play a role in bridging the gap between citizens and government in less developed countries.
Keywords: m-Government, improving government, developing countries, mobile government, government improvement

United States Institute of Peace (USIP)
This organization's mission is to provide: "...analysis, training, and tools that help prevent, manage and end international conflicts, promote stability and professionalize the field of peacebuilding."  Their website contains many useful resources related to areas such as governance, stability, and development.  Through the website the user can gain access to experts in specific fields, reports, publications, and many other useful tools.  The organization has programs around the world and can provide useful information for virtually every area of the world.
Keywords:  Stability, peace, government, governance, political reform, rule of law, conflict prevention, mediation, facilitation, human rights

What is Good Governance? (published by UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)
This article discusses the factors associated with governing and governance. It then goes on to discuss the 8 characteristics that are present in "good governance."
Keywords: Governing, Governance, Rule of Law, Transparency, Efficiency, Accountability

Good Governance: Guiding Principles for Implementation (AusAID)
This eight page pamphlet published by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) discusses their lessons learned viewpoint on what good governance involves and the steps that must be taken to implement a good government in developing countries.
Keywords: Governance, Society, Development Assistance

Good Governance Practices for the Protection of Human Rights (UN High Commissioner for Human Rights)
This website provides a brief discussion and insight on the relationship between good governance and human rights. It also contains a link to view the a larger publication from this office relating to the topic of good governance and human rights.
Keywords: Governance, Transparency, Human Rights, Development

Center for International Governance Innovation
The Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) is an international think-tank founded in 2001. CIGI's main purpose is to address international governance challenges through world-class research. Its website focuses on the topics of global economy, Environment and Energy, Global Security, and Development.  CIGI strives to identify and generate ideas for global change by studying, advising and networking with scholars, practitioners and governments on the character and desired reforms to multilateral governance issues.

Guide to Rebuilding Governance in Stability Operations: A Role For the Military? (PKSOI paper)
This paper addresses the various aspects of rebuilding governance in unstable nations.  It addresses topics such as elections, sources of authority & legitimacy, rule of law, safety, and security.
Keywords: Rule of Law, Legitimacy, Constitution, Law and Society, Government Elections

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
The UNHCR provides leadership and coordination of international action to protect refugees and resolve refugee issues worldwide. The UNHCR provides attempts to provide protection, asylum, and basic assistance to displaced individuals worldwide. In addition to these primary activities the UNHCR also contributes to capacity development, promotion of rule of law, and assisting refugees in establishing livelihoods and self-reliance.
Keywords: Refugees, Capacity Development, Rule of Law, Refugee assistance, self-reliance, international aid, conflict
Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism (INSCT) Syracuse University
The INSCT is a multidisciplinary, university based center for the study of national and international security and terrorism.  This website contains publications and resources related to this topic area.  Specifically the topics and projects they are currently working on relate to Middle East Security, Post Conflict Justice and Islam, Cybersecurity, Building Community Resistance, Islam and International Humanitarian Law, among others.
Keywords: Post Conflict, Security, Counterterrorism, Islam

Pact's mission listed on their website is: "to build empowered communities, effective governments and responsible private institutions that give people an opportunity for a better life. We do this by strengthening the capacity of organizations and institutions to be good service providers, represent their stakeholders, network with others for learning and knowledge sharing, and advocate for social, economic and environmental justice. Interdependence, responsible stewardship, inclusion of vulnerable groups, and respect for local ownership and knowledge are core values across all of our programs."
Keywords: Capacity Development, Peace Building, Democracy, Fraud Prevention, HIV/AIDS, Organizational Development, Peace Building

Management Systems International (MSI)
MSI is a global international development firm providing specialized short and long-term technical assistance in implementing a range of analytical and field projects in democracy and governance, economic growth, organizational capacity building, education, and natural resource management.
Keyword: Corruption, Security, Justice, Human Development, Training, Stabilization

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