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The milSuite

MilSuite is a suite of operational programs that cover social networking, blogging, and Wiki resources for the benefit of military personnel. The three applications, milBlog, milBook, and milWiki, can be accessed by clicking on their respective logos below.


milBlog facilitates provides a forum to discuss relevant issues for the Army/Defense Knowledge Online (AKO/DKO) community. Inside milBlog, users can post news, events, and articles for open discussion for the benefit of all. Get started by clicking the milBlog logo.


milBook is a secure, military version of modern social networking sites. It allows access to the same kind of connections and discussions as other sites, but without the excess content that can dilute the purpose of such a site. Join today to connect with other members of the AKO/DKO community by clicking the logo.

milWiki is an online portal where users can collectively create, edit, and manage information, for mission related information. A communal site allows members to keep the most up to date information through the contributions of subject matter experts that also use the site. Together, the users of milWiki have created a relevant and current hub for protocols, tips, and other knowledge that can benefit all members of the AKO/DKO community, both CONUS and abroad. Join by clicking the logo.

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Construction TRADOC USIP Government Publications CERP
Cultural Training Information State Department Universities Online Articles MilSuite
Economics Corps of Engineers United Nations Periodicals Military-Civilian Interaction
Educational PKSOI
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