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Training Program
The C/NRCD aims to be a leading provider in training programs as it takes an interdisciplinary and systems approach with training focused to support the nation reconstruction and capacity development communities. Workshop sessions are aimed at recognizing problems, organizing actions, and creating results based on client needs. Topics include life cycle costing, resource prioritization models, systems thinking, decision analysis, project management, and administration for reconstruction activities. Current clients include Afghanistan's District Development Program and The Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Management.

One of the challenges of nation reconstruction is an understanding of the life cycle implications of aid investments. In November 2011, the C/NRCD taught a short course in support of the Department of State to various government ministries in Kabul, Afghanistan. In addition to addressing the life cycle considerations the short course also presented techniques for resource prioritization.

The C/NRCD is currently developing a program of instruction (POI) for BDE/BN staffs of deploying units. The course will be prototyped in the fall of 2011 with the goal of making the course available Army wide in 2012. Though titled “Capacity Development,” the course is focused on how to be a public works manager, challenges of resource allocation, the role of the DoD/DoS/USAID/NGOs and others, and assessment. Download the POI Overview now.

If interested in our professional training programs, please contact us at