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Online Resources

Basic Forestry Principles
This pamphlet explains the basic principles of forestry.
Keywords: Forest Regeneration, Forest Recruitment, Forest Grazing, Forest Planting

University of California Berkeley
This website contains a report published by the University of California entitled: "How Do We Shape The Forest: Silviculture." This report describes the purpose of silviculture and how it is used to manage forests. It also addresses the harvesting and reproduction of trees in a forest in order to promote continued, healthy growth.
Keywords: Silviculture, Clear Cutting, Forest Reproduction

Organizations / Points of Contact

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The EPA is a government organization that regulates environmental issues within the U.S. The organization represents a model for similar institutions for emerging countries. The EPA welcomes comments and questions, and can be reached according to the contact information on the website listed below.  Due to the large organizational structure, regional offices similar to the emerging country of interest may prove to be more useful to contact rather than the EPA headquarters.

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
The IDRC is a Canadian Crown Corporation that provides grants to researchers from the developing world. It also has a substantial library of books and publications accessible online through its website covering a range of topics concerning nation development.
IDRC online books / publications:
Keywords: Natural Resources, Health, Food, Agriculture, Environment, Economics, Development

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