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Government Organizations

COIN (Counter Insurgency) Academy
This is a new program being developed in the Afghanistan theater and was created by US Army Lt. COL Robert Ault. It is located currently on FOB Shank in RC East and its primary mission is to teach and review the main topics that fall under the COIN doctrine. The meetings are very simple and the main mission is to have key leaders understand how to win over the populace and defeat the enemy insurgent tactics. There are Stateside COIN Academies as well. Following are some related reading. representative.html

National Defense University (NDU)
The National Defense University is the premier center for Joint Professional Military Education. This organization conducts research, education, and outreach in Nation Reconstruction and Capacity Development in support of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and other US Government Agencies. The following site gives a list of the different research organization the NDU contains.

Naval Postgraduate School
The Naval Postgraduate School also provides research into nation reconstruction and capacity development. The school conducts research and supports a group that is strictly focused on issues pertaining to reconstruction and capacity development research.

Center for Stabilization and Reconstruction Studies
This Center conducts studies to enhance post-conflict recovery for states that have failed or endured calamity and require stabilization and reconstruction. The curriculum is multi-disciplinary and interactive, and incorporates members of humanitarian organizations, civilian government officials, U.S. and foreign military officers, and recovering states. Curriculum includes governance and participation; security; economic and social well being; and justice and reconciliation. The program combines the best of contemporary social science with organizational theory, with practical and applied tools.”

Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL)
The CALL website contains a great deal of useful information that was compiled as a result of the United Sates' military
experiences worldwide.  Access to some of the information may require a government access card to log in, however there is still a large amount of information and useful links available to the general public.  Also, a number CALL publications are located on this website in the "Government Publications" page.


Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization
The Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization uses foreign policy tools to "address, resolve, and respond to regions in crisis." The office assesses situations through "Conflict Assessment" and "R&S Funding," and plans responses with "Whole of Government Planning" and "Doctrine and Concepts." Subsequently, the office coordinates with others through "International Partnerships" and "Civilian-Military Coordination," and deploys experts as a "Civilian Response" equipped with "Training and Preparedness." Learn more about these tools and the office's mission at its website, here:

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