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Military-Civilian Interaction

Interaction between our military and the civilian population when operating all over the world can critically affect the success rate of our general operations. A better understanding of such relationships can help win the "hearts and minds" of the population which, in turn, encourages them to assist our peacekeeping, nation reconstruction, or capacity development operations.

Rand issued a study of civilian/military interaction for Afghanistan which focuses on the early part of US involvement there for the current conflict.

Michael Daxner provides an account of the history of Afghanistan that is relevant to the current conflict, with a focus on Civilian/Military relations.

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
OCHA recognizes the difficulties of sustaining operations in an area where multiple agencies are at work. To help govern their own efforts, OCHA released "General guidance for interaction between United Nations personnel and military and civilian representatives of the occupying power in Iraq." Although this publication is region specific. It may be useful as a model for other areas of operation. The document, in its entirety, can be found here:

Provincial Reconstruction Team Playbook
Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) are DoD assets that chiefly interact with the civilian populations of forward deployment areas. The PRT playbook is a guide to how the PRTs operate, which can be useful for other people who might deal with them while abroad. The Playbook can be found in PDF format here:

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