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Online Articles

 "Iraqi Force Development: The Challenges of Partnership in Nation Building"
Cordesman, Anthony H
Available online at:
Also available online at:
Keywords: stability and support operations, nation building, Bosnia-Herzegovina (1995-present), Iraq (2003-present)

"Folly of Nation Building Afghanistan"
Dempsey, Gary T.
Available online at:
Keywords: nation building, postwar Afghanistan, Marshall Plan, Joe Biden

"Nation Building: The Inescapable Responsibility of the World's Only Superpower"
Dobbins, James
Available online at:
Keywords: nation building, Afghanistan, Iraq, economic development, unity of command, military stabilization, democratization
(Summer 2003)

"The UN's Role in Nation Building: From the Congo to Iraq"
Dobbins, James
Available online at:
Keywords: nation building, democratization, UN contribution

"Investigating the Complexities of Nationbuilding: A Sub-national Regional Perspective"
Robbins, Matthew J.
Available online at:
Keywords: stabilization, reconstruction, nation building, system dynamics model, Operation Iraqi Freedom

"Peacekeeping and Related Stability Operations: Issues of U.S. Military Involvement"
Serafino, Nina
Available online at:
Keywords: stability missions, reconstruction operations, international peacekeeping, nation building, Department of Defense DOD (2006)

Afghanistan Papers - Center for International Governance Innovation
The Afghanistan Papers are essays authored by prominent academics, policy makers, practitioners and informed observers that seek to challenge existing ideas, contribute to ongoing debates and influence international policy on issues related to Afghanistan’s transition. A forward-looking series, the papers combine analysis of current problems and challenges with explorations of future issues and threats.
Keywords: Governance, Nation Reconstruction,  Stability, Nation Development

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