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Power and Telecommunications


Online Resources
How Stuff Works
This website provides a general overview of how power grids function.
Keywords: electricity, power grid, power lines,

Reliable Electric Power for Developing Countries (Alfredo Vaccaro - General Editor)
This article discusses the multiple ways that reliable electrical power has on the various aspects of developing countries. It also discusses various constraints and challenges.
Keywords: Rural Production, Power, Solar Power, Energy Efficiency

Unleashing Renewable Energy Power in Developing Countries: Proposal for a Global Renewable Energy Policy Fund
This article discusses many of the challenges that developing countries face in creating, emplacing, and maintaining renewable energy resources.
Keywords: Renewable Energy, Power Development

Clean Energy Investment in Developing Countries: Wind Power in Egypt (International Institute for Sustainable Development Report)
This report published by the IISD analyzes various aspects of implementing renewable energy infrastructure in Egypt. This report basically provides a case study of the challenges and progess that has been made in implementing renewable energy in a developing country.
Keywords: Engery, Power Infrastructure, Wind Power, Solar Power, Electricity in Developing Country

Reform of the Electrical Power Sector in Developing Countries: Case Study of Argentina (Bouille, Dubrovsky, Maurer)
This case study analyzes the transformation of the Argentinean power system in the 1990s. It provides insight into the social, political, economic, environmental, and technical aspects and effects of the reform.
Keywords: Electrical Capacity Development, Power Electricity Case Study

Online Resources
Telecommunications Infrastructure in Disasters: Preparing Cities for Crisis Communications
"This report establishes a framework for understanding the interaction between large urban disasters and telecommunications infrastructure, drawing upon the experiences of the 1990s and 2000s.  This article analyzes the critical role of communications infrastructure in all of phases of disaster prevention and recovery, which can stretch for years after the event.  Finally, this report does not focus only on official communications channels, but is concerned with the entire universe of civil telecommunications infrastructure that plays a crucial role in crisis communications."

Construction WebLinks: Engineering, Architecture and Environment
This database provides links to other sources in regards to Infrastructure Power, Energy, and Telecommunications.

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