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About Us

Margaret Corbin Forum – “Educate, Empower, Inspire!”
The Forum
The United States Military Academy established the Margaret Corbin Forum in 1976 (the first year women attended West Point) to provide an opportunity for female cadets to discuss their experiences as they assimilated into the Corps of Cadets. It originally dealt with simple integration issues such as putting shades on the windows and privacy locks on the doors. Eventually the scope broadened to include issues now known as Respect for Others. The forum was so titled after the Revolutionary War heroine, Margaret Corbin, was buried here at West Point. The Forum grew into a sensing tool for the Corps of Cadets Command Group for a variety of Human Resource issues, and was formalized in the early 1990s as a cadet club sponsored by the Directorate of Cadet Activities, overseen by the Leader Development Branch. It was discontinued in the early 90s and then brought back in the fall of 1994. Some of the benefits of the Forum include providing a voice in regards to successful integration of women and related gender specific issues, contributing to the leadership development in a group of young people who will be leading our nation’s military, contributing to the United States Military Academy’s commitment to the integration of women in the Corps and in the military. The forum also is instrumental in the continued development of the Army value, respect for others. The Margaret Forum provides these benefits through various activities throughout the cadets’ education that continues into his or her leadership as an officer.
To provide a forum within the Corps of Cadets for the presentation and discussion of female gender-specific issues within the military, and to foster within the organization and the Corps of Cadets a sense of pride in the accomplishments of military women in the past, present, and future. We also serve as a mentoring and networking organization for female cadets and officers.
  • Sponsor a speaker’s bureaus of guest lecturers that allow the Corps personal exposure to contemporary women leaders in our society.
  • Sponsor Luncheon Discussions on topics such as Army Branch information, PT standards, the combat exclusion policy, marriage, and family issues.
  • Attend meetings and send representatives to conferences on gender-specific issues.
  • Provide official representation and escorts for the Daughters of the American Revolution (West Point Chapter) Annual Margaret Corbin Gravesite Wreath Laying Ceremony.
  • Participate in the annual Women’s History Month activities at the United States Military Academy.
  • Discussions on issues surrounding women in the field, specifically at Buckner, CTLT, CDLT, Airborne School, and Air Assault School.

    A Cadet at CLDT moving through smoke

  • Sponsor a fall and spring retreat for women in order to encourage mentoring and networking amongst women.
  • Marriage in the Military Panel (February) – discussion with male and female officers about family issues in the military.

  • Branch lunch with female officers from variety of branches to discuss career potential and Army life in the different branches.
  • “For a Good Cause:” Choose an organization each year that cadets work to help to include assistance to the homeless and shelters.
  • Provide information and continue to develop the mentoring program for cadets with the West Point Women Organization.