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Corbin Forum : CorbinChaseSmithMentorshipProgram

Welcome to the Chase Smith Mentorship Program

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Interested in meeting successful role models who have walked a mile in your shoes? 
Do you wonder what the future holds?
Would you like to find a mentor but don't know where to start? 
Don't go it alone! 
Join the Chase Smith Mentorship Program.
Mentoring is a partnership between two (or in this case more) people. It is a process of ongoing support and development which tackles issues and goals.  The Chase Smith Mentorship Program is designed to provide all cadets access to a valuable network of resources.  This year we are excited to be joining Lean In as we create our mentorship circles.  The Mentorship Circles will be comprised of approximately 10-12 people led by a volunteer mentor, and utilize the valuable resources at
Leaders – Cadets count on you!
Cadets – Leaders are volunteering their time
Be responsive
Be respectful
Come prepared to talk
Confidentiality: What happens in Fight Club stays in Fight Club
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 Upcoming events: