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Cyber Research Center : Ongoing Research

Ongoing Research
In addition to the collaborative research the CRC conducts with our research parteners, we also conduct a number of public domain research projects that we hope will benefit the Academic community.

Intrusion Detection Labeled Data Sets

One of the issues currently facing many security researchers, especially in the field of Intrusion Detection and Traffic Analysis, is the lack of real world data with malicious and non-malicious traffic identified. We aim to provide current, labeled datasets which we will update yearly using data from the Military Cyber Defense Exercise between the NSA and all of the different service academies.

DanglyBytes and VisBin

Currently there are many tools for analysis of unknown binaries ranging from commercial grade forensics packages to homegrown custom applications. Most of the tools fall into one of two groups: Hex Editors which only display textual information, or tools which attempt to reverse engineer the binary through automated means. We aim to bridge the gap by providing tools which allow a binary to be represented through a number of different visual graphics which would allow the human eye to detect patterns that may exist in the data. These tools are called DanglyBytes and VisBin.