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David Wallace

Photo of Wallace

Head, Department of Law

Michael Schmitt

Photo of Schmitt

Francis Lieber Distinguished Scholar

Shane Reeves

Photo of Reeves

Deputy Head, Department of Law

Board of Advisors

John Bellinger

Photo of Bellinger

Board Member

Dana Chipman

Photo of Chipman

Board Member

Jack Goldsmith

Photo of Goldsmith

Board Member

Sir Adam Roberts

Photo of Roberts

Board Member

Gary Solis

Photo of Solis

Board Member

Wolff von Heinegg

Photo of von Heinegg

Board Member

Ruth Wedgwood

Photo of Wedgwood

Board Member

Senior Fellows

Robert Chesney

Photo of Chesney

Senior Fellow

Geoff Corn

Photo of Corn

Senior Fellow

Ashley Deeks

Photo of Deeks

Senior Fellow

Richard Gross

Photo of Gross

Senior Fellow

Dick Jackson

Photo of Jackson

Senior Fellow

Eric Jensen

Photo of Jensen

Senior Fellow

Beth Van Schaack

Photo of Van Schaack

Senior Fellow

Sean Watts

Photo of Watts

Senior Fellow

Matthew Waxman

Photo of Waxman

Senior Fellow

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