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Center for the Rule of Law : Lieber Institute Publications


Lieber Institute Publications
Complex Battle Spaces (Christopher Ford & Winston Williams eds., Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2017). 
Cost and Consequences of Torture at the Tactical Level (Robert Barnsby, Shane Reeves & Winston Williams eds., Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2017). 


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Participants and Cadet audience members at the 2016 Complex Battlespaces Workshop. The first Volume of the Lieber Series (Oxford University Press), based on Lieber Institute conferences and workshops, will be published in 2017. 



Selected Publications by Lieber Institute Personnel

Tallinn Manual 2.0 on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Operations  (Cambridge University Press, 2017) (Michael Schmitt, Project Director).

Targeting: The Challenges of Modern Warfare  (Paul A.L. Ducheine, Michael Schmitt & Frans P.B. Osinga eds.) (T.M.C. Asser Press/Springer, 2016).

Articles and Chapters

Michael Schmitt & Liis Vihul, Respect for Sovereignty in Cyberspace, 95 Texas Law Review 1639-1670 (2017).

Robert Barnsby & Shane Reeves, Give Them an Inch, They'll Take a Terabyte: How States May Interpret Tallinn Manual 2.0's International Human Rights Law Chapter, 95 Texas Law Review 1515-1529 (2017). 

Michael Schmitt & Liis Vihul, Sovereignty in Cyberspace: Lex Lata Vel Non?, 111 American Journal of International Law Unbound 213-218 (2017). 

David Wallace, Amy McCarthy & Shane Reeves, Trying to Make Sense of the Senseless: Classifying the Syrian War under the Law of Armed Conflict, 25 Michigan State International Law Review 556-594 (2017). 

Michael SchmittPeacetime Cyber Responses and Wartime Cyber Operations under International Law: An Analytical Vade Mecum, 8 Harvard National Security Journal 239-282 (2017).

Michael Schmitt, Grey Zones in the International Law of Cyberspace, 42:2 Yale Journal of International Law Online 1-21 (2017).

Matthew Milikowsky, "There are no Enemies after Victory": The Laws Against Killing the Wounded, 47 Georgetown Journal of International Law 1221-1269 (2017).

Michael Schmitt & Sean Watts, Beyond State Centrism: International Law and Non-State Actors in Cyberspace, 21:3 Journal of Conflict and Security Law 1-17 (2016).

Sasha Radin & Michael Schmitt, Investigations under International Humanitarian Law, in Handbook of the Law of Armed Conflict 556-71 (Rain Liivoja & Tim McCormack eds., Routledge 2016).

Michael Schmitt & Liis Vihul, The Emergence of Legal Norms for Cyber Conflict, in Binary Bullets: The Ethics of Cyberwarfare 13-55 (Fritz Allhoff et. al., Oxford University Press, 2016).

Michael Schmitt & Liis Vihul, The Nature of International Law Cyber Norms, in International Law Cyber Norms:  Legal, Policy and Industry Perspectives 23-47 (Anna-Maria Osula & Henry Roigas eds., CCD COE, 2016).

Michael Schmitt, Air Law and Military Operations, in The Handbook of the Law of Military Operations 354-374 (Terry Gill & Dieter Fleck eds., 2d ed., Oxford University Press, 2016).

Michael Schmitt, Targeting in Operational Law, in The Handbook of the Law of Military Operations  269-306 (Terry Gill & Dieter Fleck eds., 2d ed., Oxford University Press, 2016).

​Blog Posts

Michael Schmitt & Robert McLaughlin, The Need for Clarity in International Cyber Law, APPS Policy Forum (Sep. 18, 2017). 

Shane Reeves & Ward Narramore, The UNHRC Commission of Inquiry on Syria Misapplies the Law of Armed Conflict, Lawfare (Sep. 15, 2017). 

Michael Schmitt & Tim Maurer, Protecting Financial Data in Cyberspace: Precedent for Further Progress on Cyber Norms?, Just Security (Aug. 24, 2017). 

Jeffrey Biller & Michael Schmitt, The NotPetya Cyber Operation as a Case Study of International Law, EJIL: Talk! (Jul. 11, 2017). 

Michael Schmitt & Liis Vihul, International Cyber Law Politicized: The UN GGE’s Failure to Advance Cyber Norms, Just Security (June 30, 2017).

Geoffrey Corn, Combined Arms Maneuver Operations and LOAC Implementation: A View from the Golan, Lawfare (May 2, 2017). 

Peter Barker & Michael Schmitt, “The Mother of All Bombs”: Understanding the Massive Ordnance Air Blast Weapon, Just Security (April 15, 2017) (with Peter Barker).

Michael Schmitt & Christopher Ford, The Use of Force in Response to Syrian Chemical Attacks: Emergence of a New Norm?, Just Security (April 8, 2017).

Shane Reeves, What Happens When States No Longer Govern?, Lawfare (Feb. 13, 2017). 

Michael Schmitt, Tallinn Manual 2.0 on the International Law of Cyber Operations: What it is and Isn’t, Just Security (February 9, 2017).

Oona Hathaway, Marty Lederman & Michael Schmitt, Two Lingering Concerns About the Forthcoming Law of War Manual Amendments, Just Security (November 30, 2016).

Michael Schmitt, US Transparency Regarding International Law in Cyberspace, Just Security (November 15, 2016).

Shane Reeves & David Wallace, Has Turkey Occupied Northern Syria?, Lawfare (Sep. 22, 2016).

Shane Reeves & David Wallace, Can U.S. Service Members Disobey an Order to Waterboard a Terrorist?, Lawfare (Apr. 6, 2016).

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