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Papers and Presentations
The Center for the Rule of Law supports a growing collection of resources that are central to our educational and outreach mission.
Faculty Contributions:
West Point law faculty actively share their expertise by publishing articles and delivering presentations throughout the U.S. and abroad. They are regularly invited to address major legal conferences with national and international audiences.
They also travel to distinguished centers, institutes and law schools to present on a wide variety of military law-related topics. Recent subjects include international criminal justice, terrorism, military law and the Geneva Conventions.
Cadet Papers:
Cadets also contribute to the body of knowledge at West Point mainly through:
  • post-internship presentations reflecting upon their learning experience
  • scholarly papers produced independently in senior Thesis courses
Conference Proceedings:
Law faculty organize scholarly conferences at West Point, or in conjunction with respected law schools. Papers and presentations from these meetings help cadets and other interested individuals learn about current legal theories, concepts and activities related to the rule of law.