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Why a CSCMO at West Point?

Create a foundation for an understanding of CMO in junior officers. This need has been validated by recent experience in the field.
  • Misuse of Commander’s Emergency Response Program funds in OEF/OIF
  • Issues of compensation depicted in Restrepo
  • Clarity in roles of actors (e.g. USAID, UN, NGO, host population/government) during humanitarian assistance and disaster response contingencies
  • Absence of understanding of root vulnerabilities (cause), which CMO can address (solution) in the developing world
METT-TC: We continue to struggle with and understand the “C” or Civil Considerations.
With a reduced force structure – increased reliance upon implementing partners
CMO education focused at mid-career and senior service schools; first exposure is not until ILE (consisting of one day of SASO in curriculum).
To support scholarship in the realm of CMO. Research provides value-added and topical currency to TRADOC activities writing doctrine and capturing lessons learned.
Stakeholder departments at West Point want to enhance current course material with the addition of civil-military subject matter, but lack the time, resources, and expertise.
Increasing interest at civilian universities to prepare future government and policy leaders – West Point can be a part of this.
The only effort studying the full spectrum of CMO – from root vulnerabilities to implementation and policy.