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Center for STEM Education : CadetSTEMSquad

Cadet STEM Squad
 Meet our STEM Squad. These West Point cadets are dedicated to inspiring students to study STEM and have made themselve available to answer your questions.
Maybe you have met one of them during a STEM event or workshop you attended. Please send them emails. They are happy to answer your quesitons about STEM, West Point or their fields of study.
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Cadet Jennifer Alanso

From: Hawaii
Hobbies: Running and traveling
Major: Civil Engineering (Class of 2014)
"Hey guys!  My name is Jen and I am a Civil Engineering student at West Point.  I was born in Hawaii but I have moved around for most of my life because my dad was in the military.  I am going to graduate from West Point in May of 2014.  I chose to study Civil Engineering because I really love math and playing with legos.  When I’m not building bridges I like to read, hike, and ride my road bike.  I chose West Point because it is an awesome opportunity for anyone who wants to study engineering, but it is also an awesome challenge.  If you want to be an officer in the Army and study engineering, West Point is a great choice."

Cadet Jason Ko 

From:  Fairfax, VA
Hobbies:Snowboarding, skateboarding, motorcycles, traveling, eating, music
Major: Civil Engineering (Class of 2015)

"I chose this major based on the faculty here at WP, application to the tangible world, and the desire to be able to design/build structures using the knowledge that I gain as a civil engineer. Take a look at the Golden Gate Bridge and you can see the shear awesomeness of what civil engineers are capable of acomplishing."

Why West Point?

"There are two sides for my decision to going to West Point: one, I wanted to join a larger organization and be able to serve pe

ople in a positive way, and two, the opportunities are endless as you graduate with a degree in anything you desire to study with that recognition of being a West Point Grad."

Cadet Freddy Hill 

From: Indianapolis, IN
Hobbies: Playing basketball,Fixing Things,
Watching Movies, Traveling.
Major: Mechanical (Class of 2015)

"I chose mechanical engineering because I really enjoy problem solving.  Much of the mechanical engineering major involves creative problem solving that presents challenging issues and exciting solutions."

Why West Point? 

"I chose to come to West Point because I wanted to do something that would help me influence the World in a positive way.  As an engineering major, and as a cadet in general, I feel like I will be able put in a position to greatly help other people."

Cadet Kendall Hamm 

From: Conover, NC
Hobbies: Hike, hunt, camp, fish,workout,
read and play sports
Major: Civil Engineering (Class of 2015)

"I picked this major because I am very interested in infrastructure and in the built parts of society that make the world go 'round."

Why West Point?

"I decided to come to USMA after reading The Killer Angels and realizing that all the successful gentlemen in that novel (General Lee, Longstreet, Meade, Hancock) went to West Point.  I wanted to follow in their footsteps."



Cadet Joseph Cotton

From: Wayne, IL
Hobbies: Running and traveling
Major: Civil Engineering (Class of 2014)

"I took engineering courses in high school and I enjoyed them. Civil engineering seemed like the most applicable major to being a army engineering officer.

Why West Point?

"I wanted to be a army officer and engineer and West Point seemed like the best place to go for that."

Cadet Angela Bapp

From: Cocoa Beach, FL
Hobbies:  "I enjoy being outdoors: going to the beach, going hiking, swimming, bike riding, fishing and playing soccer.
Major: Biomechanical Engineering (Class of 2015)

"I chose my major for two reasons: The C&ME department at West Point are some of the most enthusiastic and high ranking professors in the nation; I knew I'd fit in well and get a quality education from their department. I am interested in the health profession and this gives me the opportunity to focus my major towards a field while staying within the C&ME department. It leaves the door open for me to go the medical school or do something more with the engineering side of the education like building prosthetics (both very interesting!)."

Why West Point?

"I chose to come to West Point because I knew it would challenge me and give me unique opportunities that no other academy or univeristy could provide."

Cadet Michael Deschene

From: Danvers, MA
Hobbies: Watching hockey and drawing,
Major: Mechanical Engineering (Class of 2015)

"I want to enter the automotive industry someday to design cars."

Why West Point?

"I wanted to be a part of the military and get a college education, and West Point was the best way for me to achieve that goal. I was also drawn by the opportunity to grow overall as a person in areas outside of academics."