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Center for STEM Education : FacultySTEMSquad

Faculty STEM Squad

Many facutly members working in our Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics departments are excited about teaching you about STEM.

They are available to answer your questions. 

 physics potato gun 2.jpg

Physics and Nuclear Engineering

Dr. Thomas Lainis

Professor of Physics
Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering 

Dr. Lainis is a West Point graduate and Professor in the Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering.  Dr. Lainis is passionate about sharing his love for Physics with K-12 students. 


CPT Trevor McLaughlin 

Physics Instructor
Department of Physics and Nuclear Engineering
B.S. Nuclear Engineering – USMA at West Point, NY
M.S. Nuclear Engineering – University of Florida at Gainesville, FL
Interested in general physics and nuclear engineering.
"My passion for physics and nuclear engineering comes for genuine interest and curiosity in the physical world. Nuclear physics and engineering are all about exploring and applying a younger field of science to do great and amazing things.
I enjoy helping students disccover the fun in understanding the world around them through demonstrations, examples, and in depth conversation."


Chemistry and Life Sciences

Dr. Ken Wickiser

Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry and Life Science
Director, Center for Molecular Science


Dr. Ken Wickiser is a West Point graduate and Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences.  He is active in STEM outreach and has worked with middle school and high school students in our West Point Chemistry labs. Dr. Wickiser has done extensive Ribonucleic acid (RNA) research, have him tell you about it sometime, but most students are particularly interested in the work he does with invisible fish. 


 "We are interested in the adaptive coloration properties of the cuttlefish, Sepia officinalis and Sepia pharaonis. These mollusks, invertebrates closely related to the squid and octopus, display amazing color matching capabilities on a very short timescale."



Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 

Mark Riegner

Director of Engineering, Technology, and Logistics Support  


  Geography and Environmental Engineering 

COL Steven Fleming


LTC Anthony Johnson


 Civil and Mechanical Engineering


Systems Engineering