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Center for STEM Education : STEM Quest Activities

STEM Quest Activities
STEM Quest #1: Experience Robo-Math


Did you know you can use math to design, construct and program a robot? In this STEM Quest, you will build a robotic system and program software that enables your robot to perform a task.
STEM Quest #2: Have an Explosive Experience


Did you know that you can make a working battery from the fruits and vegetables in your kitchen? In this STEM Quest you will have a chance to play with your food. You will also cook up a batch of rocket fuel and use a potato gun to learn about propulsion and combustion.
STEM Quest #3: Generate Some Excitement


Have you ever wondered how a motor works? What does it take to generate electricity? What is a superconductor? What is a circuit? What is a volt? What is an amp? What keeps the earth spinning? During this STEM Quest, you learn these answers by hands on experiments!
STEM Quest #4: Take Flight

Mechanical Engineering

Have you ever wanted to fly and airplane? During this STEM Quest you will examine the physics of flight and the engineering of machines that fly. You might also get to use a flight simulator, wind tunnel and make your own powered glider.
STEM Quest #5: Get Virtually Real

Electrical Engineering

Have you ever wondered how an iPod is built, how lasers work or how hackers break into computer systems? During this STEM Quest, you learn about electronics and sensors, and you will even build and test your own device.
STEM Quest #6: Get Real

Systems Engineering

The U.S. Army has a problem and needs your help. This STEM Quest challenge will require you to design a prototype, hand-held wireless unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV controller. UAVs are crucial helpers for assisting soldiers with missions that are otherwise dangerous for humans to conduct.