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Combat Weapons Team : Andy Houghton 2 Gun Memorial Match

2014 Andy Houghton 2-Gun Memorial Match

Dear Shooters,
We are less than one month out from the 2014 Andy Houghton Match. We are currently 110% sold out with an active waiting list to shoot this exciting match on the historic West Point Military Reservation. This year’s match will push individual’s in both their shotgun and pistol abilities with high round counts per stage. Shooters should be prepared for reloads, reloads, and reloads. We are excited to have some sponsored shooters in this match along with Cadets from Texas A&Ms Corps of Cadets Marksmanship Unit. Final touches on stages are being made and the match t-shirts are ready for pick up!

During the match you may police your brass as long as it doesn't slow the pace of shooters going through. At the end of the day you may police brass during tear down.

The minimum number of rounds needed for this match are 200 pistol, 10 slugs and 30 birdshot. With the theme of reloads, shooters should have 5 pistol magazines as some of the stages will have round counts in the 40's.

If you have any questions please contact the match director. Match director email

Download the:
Match Book
Rule Book
West Point Strip Map
NRA Sanction Letter

Combat Weapons Team
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2012 Annual Andy Houghton 2-Gun Memorial Match
Dear Shooters,
Dear Shooters,
Thank you so much for participating in our match. It was great to see familiar faces from past years and meet new ones. We all had a great time running the match
over the two days and look forward to hosting again in the future!
Match Director