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2013 Tryouts
31 August 2013 marked the annual tryout for the Combat Weapons Team for academic year 2014. 44 cadets showed up at 0530 for a day of physical, agility and mental tests. 20 of the 44 initial Cadets were selected to become candidates for the follow on three week assessment period. The participants competed in ways they did not expect and where constantly evaluated for skills and abilities that will directly translate to success in shooting competitions. The day concluded with a barbecue for all those that completed the tryout, where they were able to ask questions and interact with current team members. At the conclusion of the three week follow on assessment all the candidates were evaluated on their ability to receive information, their coach ability, their willingness to learn and their individual pistol skills. The competition has been tough and the candidates have shown proficiency for learning marksmanship skills and improving their abilities, but only a handful made the final selection at the end of the month. The rest of the candidates returned to the Corps of Cadets better trained and more confident in their ability to employ the M9 service pistol.