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Cycling : Staff


As a team everyone works hard to take care of the necessary paperwork and tasks required for us to race but we do assign cadets to specific leadership roles in order to facilitate the process.

Staff 2012-13

Captain: Stephen Rogacki
Steve is our team captain this year. As the Cadet-In-Charge (CIC), Steve is the primary communicator between the Department of Physical Education (DPE), the Department of Cadet Activities (DCA), and the team. He is constantly talking to MAJ Demarest (OIC) so he can relay information to the team such as tasks that we need to accomplish or about the status of the team budget. The role requires Steve to be knowledgeable of all things West Point Cycling in order to answer any questions and ensure that the team will be as successful as possible.

XO: Steven Rusnak
The Executive Officer is in charge of working with the captain to ensure that information is passed down and that tasks are being accomplished. Anything else that the captain wants to communicate down to the team, the xo is primarily responsible for making this happen.

S1: Jennifer Webster
Jen has the responsibility of tracking attendance and making sure that everyone is ready to race for the weekend. That includes liability waivers, ration money, racing licenses and race fees. She also works with DCA to make sure we have transportation for the weekend.

S3: Paul Strein
Paul is in charge of training and operations for the team. His responsibilities include sending out the training schedule and making sure that everyone is signed up for their specific races for that weekend. For our home events, Paul works with the race CIC’s to make sure that everyone is accomplishing their tasks.

S4: Micah Douglas
Micah is in charge of all things supply for the team. His responsibilities include taking inventory of all team equipment and making sure that we have everything we need in order to host our home cyclocross and road race events.

PAO: Lauren Heiliger
Lauren is in charge of public affairs for the team. She and her staff are responsible for the team website, the team newsletter, the team Facebook page and pictures. She makes sure that publicity is being provided about the team and that more and more people are learning about our accomplishments.