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Directorate of Cadet Activities : Cullum Reservations

Cullum Memorial Hall Reservations

dca_cullum_reservations.pngCullum Memorial Hall was designed to be used primarily for social events, ceremonies, and lectures that are hosted by or attended by Cadets, graduates, and officers of the Academy. Priority for use goes to the Corps of Cadets.
All users must first submit a Cullum Reservation Request Form and read/sign the Policies for Private Use of Cullum Hall, and email both to: Mr. Ted Marsden
For questions, call 845-938-2442.
Persons using Cullum Hall must coordinate directly with the Cadet Hostess Office (845-938-4681/3104) for set-up, clean-up, and lock-up procedures.
Authorized caterers are:
DCA Catering
West Point Club