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Diversity Clubs
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Asian-Pacific Forum
Big Brothers/Big Sisters MAJ Bonnie Kovatch 845-938-3044
Corbin Forum ​COL Diane Ryan ​845-938-5632
Cultural (Contemporary) Affairs MAJ Betty P. Myrthil 845-938-5720​
Gospel Choir MAJ Bridgette Bell 845-938-5025
International Cadets of West Point CPT Charles Parsons 845-938-3777
Japanese Forum LTC Takaysohi Tsukamoto 845-938-3494
Korean-American Relations Seminar
Persian Forum Dr. Amir Irani-Tehrani 845-938-4987
National Society of Black Engineers MAJ Louis Jenkins 845-938-3528​
Native American Heritage Forum LTC Mark Smith 845-938-3136
Secular Student Alliance ​MAJ Stephen F. Barker 845-938-2275
Society of Women Engineers​ MAJ Heather Ritchey 845-938-4857
Spectrum ​Prof. Lissa Young 845-938-0761