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DCA Facilities
DCA Facilites house many events during the year, including shows, banquets,dances, and other programs. Although cadets and their guests are the primary users, members of USMA's staff and faculty may use these buildings for selected activities as determined by DCA.

Eisenhower Hall
Ike Hall contains DCA's main offices, the Cadet Restaurant, and the Theater. In addition, it's left and right wing ballrooms and Benny's Lounge host many events during the year.

Cullum Hall
The Cadet Hostess is located in Cullum Hall. Social activities, including gift wrapping and dance lessons, are often held here.
For Cullum Hall Reservations

USMA Bookstore in Thayer Hall
The USMA Bookstore sells everyday items, books, supplies, and other merchandise. Its hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Cadet Store
The Cadet Store offers merchandise from top brand name clothing, shoes, jewelry, watches, gifts, school supplies, health and beauty aids, contact lenses, cleaning supplies and of course pre-packaged food, candy, soda and fruit drinks. Cadets can also purchase to replace most issue items of clothing at the Cadet Store. Class rings, graduation invitations and announcements and diploma frames are offered through the Cadet Store.

Grant Hall
Grant Hall houses an eat-in or take-out facility that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in addition to snack-type items all throughout the day.

DCA Storeroom (Bldg. 671A)
Eishenhower Hall​
Cullum Hall​
Grant Hall