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Religious Clubs
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Baptist Student Union CPT Austinn Wilson 845-938-7745
Catholic Chapel Group CHAP Edson Wood 845-938-2784
Catholic Cadets Catechists LTC Daniel McCarthy 845-938-4893
Catholic Chapel Choir COL Eugene Ressler 845-938-2201
Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship MAJ Shareen Fischer 845-938-7986
Church of Christ COL Robert Crawford 845-938-4247
Fellowship of Christian Athletes COL David Lyle 845-938-3329
Jewish Chapel Group MAJ Henry Soussan 845-938-2710
Hillel (Hebrew Language Culture and Technology) MAJ Henry Soussan 845-938-2710
Jewish Chapel Choir MAJ Henry Soussan 845-938-2710
Latter-Day Saints Student Association SFC Rone Sparrow 845-938-2445
Navigators MAJ Robert Dettmer 845-938-4972​
Officers' Christian Fellowship MAJ Shareen Fischer 845-9387986​
Protestant Chapel Group CPT Todd Cheney 845-938-4106
Protestant Chapel Choir COL Barry Shoop 845-938-5567
Protestant Chapel Sunday School Teachers MAJ Shareen Fischer 845-938-7986