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Support Clubs
Club Name Officer-in-Charge Phone
Glee Club COL Greg Ebner 845-938-8639
Hop Bands Mr. Ronald Harsch 845-938-7798​
Howitzer Ms. Anne Caliendo 845-938-2780​
Motorcycle Club ​​
Pipes and Drums MAJ Jared Nichols 845-938-0987
Scoutmasters’ Council COL Karl Meyer 845-938-4093
Snow Support Group
Ski Instructors LTC Daniel Bennett 845-938-8418
Ski Patrol CPT Kris Perrin 845-938-2619
Spirit Clubs Mr. Alton Lee 845-938-8151
Cadet Spirit Band Mr. Russell LaChance 845-938-5324
Cannoneers Mr. Alton Lee 845-938-8151
Mule Riders LTC Stephen Stasevich 845-938-2901
Rabble Rousers Mr. Alton Lee 845-938-8151
Parachute ​LTC Alexander MacCalman ​845-938-5539
Theatre Arts Guild COL Donna Korycinski 845-938-8788​
Strings Forum MAJ Jard Shingleton 845-938-5660
WKDT Radio Station CPT Rachael Neff 845-938-1924