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Dean's Corner
BG Timothy TrainorHello from West Point!

Congratulations on another excellent summer. Our faculty and staff developed numerous AIAD programs that sent Cadets on enriching experiences around the Nation and the world. These expe-riences enabled Cadets to learn about new cultures, interact with diverse groups of people, and sharpen their intellect. In addition to planning and executing great AIADs, sixty-nine members of the Directorate’s faculty and staff supported Cadet Summer Training, while others conducted cut-ting-edge research and prepared to teach their fall courses.
The implementation of the new curriculum continued over the summer, and we entered Academic Year 2016 well positioned to achieve our curricular implementation goals. The new cur-riculum will better prepare our graduates for the changing needs of our Army and our Country. At the beginning of the fall semester, we began teaching 1259 Cadets from the Class of 2019, who are the first class to experience the new curriculum.
We also welcomed 120 new members to the Directorate. These new members of our faculty and staff participated in intensive development programs throughout the summer so that they would be prepared for their responsibilities once Academic Year 2016 began. With a successful summer behind us, we look forward to continuing to educate and in-spire the Corps of Cadets during the fall semester.

Timothy Trainor, Ph.D.
Brigadier General, U.S. Army
Dean of the Academic Board