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American Literature I & II


EP343, EP348 - American Literature I & II

Course Description


Course Summary

You do not have to take these courses in sequence.  "American literature" shouldered its way onto the world literary scene during the Age of Exploration, where EP343 begins.  Advancing toward the Civil War, we read works from the traditional Puritan canon as well as from authors such as Emerson, Lincoln, Dickinson, and Whitman.  The investigation of cultural and intellectual history will also lead us to literature by Native Americans, French and Spanish colonizers, and African captives.  EP343's examination of a broad range of genres and modes of writing will serve as prologue to EP348's consideration of traditional and nontraditional writings from the Civil War to the present.  Central to both courses is the question of what, exactly, constitutes American literature.


EP343, EP348






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