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The department teaches a robust core-course sequence, along with numerous electives that support our interdisciplinary major in Art, Philosophy, and Literature (APL). The core sequence includes EN101 (Composition) and EN102 (Literature), taken in the first year; PY201 (Philosophy), taken during the sophomore year; and EN302 (Advanced Composition), usually taken during the junior year. In the spirit of interdisciplinary pedagogy, we also routinely collaborate with other USMA departments, including Mathematical Sciences, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, History, and Foreign Languages.

Our academic outreach also extends beyond West Point to organizations such as the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival, the National Military Academy of Afghanistan, and the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law, and Armed Conflict.

Core Courses
Courses Required for All APL Majors
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Required Methodology Course
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Literature Courses
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Philosophy Courses
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Department Counselors

The counselors below will be happy to answer questions about the APL program.

LTC David BarnesPhilosophy 845.938.2231
Dr. Melissa BergeronPhilosophy 845.938.5237
LTC Brian ImiolaPhilosophy845.938.2329
COL Scott KrawczykLiterature845.938.3659
LTC Christopher MayerPhilosophy845.938.0225
Dr. Tony McGowanLiterature845.938.2670
LTC Peter MolinLiterature845.938.3242
COL John NelsonLiterature845.938.2248
Dr. Patrick QueryLiterature845.938.8383
Dr. Karin RoffmanLiterature845.938.4764
Dr. Richard SchoonhovenPhilosophy845.938.2485
COL Michael StonehamLiterature845.938.2772
Dr. Rebecca WisorLiterature845.938.3368

You may also contact Ms. Kristina Fox, D/English and Philosophy XO (x3967) for further information.

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