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The Creative Arts Project(CAP) connects West Point cadets and faculty with talented soldier, veteran, and civilian artists exploring military themes and subjects, particularly in regard to our nation’s wars  in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Creative Arts Project celebrates the historical importance of art and creativity at West Point both in the curriculum and in extra-curricular performance.


Events and Performances




Spring 2012:  Sculptors Ken Hruby and Erin Byers, singer Zach Charles, artist Michael Figueroa, poet Paul Wasserman


Fall 2012:  Exit12 Dance Company


Spring 2013:  Authors Brian Turner, Benjamin Busch, and Siobhan Fallon, Exit12 Dance Company


Fall  2013:  Graffiti of War soldier art exhibition; Hip Kitty musical performance


Spring 2014:  War and Film


Fall 2014: Into Sunlight Pulitzer-Prize Winning Author David Maraniss New York’s Robin Becker Dance Company





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