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Professors and Department Heads

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of COLHarper COL David Harper Academy Professor and Department Head 845.938.2058  
Photo of COLBarnes COL David Barnes Academy Professor and Acting Deputy Department Head 845.938.2058  
Photo of Dr.Samet Dr. Elizabeth Samet Professor of English 845.938.2083  


Academy and Associate Professors

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Dr.Finn Dr. Stephen Finn Associate Professor of Philosophy 845.938.4257  
Photo of LTCGibbons LTC Jeffrey Gibbons Academy Professor 845-938-2771  
Photo of LTCMayer LTC Christopher Mayer Associate Dean for Strategy, Policy, and Assessment 845.938.3334  
Photo of Dr.McGowan Dr. Tony McGowan Associate Professor of English 845.938.2670  
Photo of COLNelson COL John Nelson Academy Professor 845.938.2248  
Photo of Dr.Parsons Dr. Graham Parsons Associate Professor 845.938.0225  
Photo of Dr.Query Dr. Patrick Query Associate Professor 845.938.4363  
Photo of Dr.Schoonhoven Dr. Richard Schoonhoven Associate Professor of Philosophy 845.938.2485  
Photo of LTCWoodside LTC Stephen Woodside Academy Professor 845.938.3368  
Photo of LTCZupancic LTC Anthony Zupancic Academy Professor 845.938.0925  


Assistant Professors and Instructors  

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Dr.Bilsky Dr. Brianne Bilsky Assistant Professor 845.938.2976  
Photo of MAJBriggs MAJ Robert Briggs Instructor 845.938.1630  
Photo of LTCBrown LTC Alan Brown Assistant Professor 845-938-3617  
Photo of CPTBrown CPT Derek Brown Instructor 845.938.2646  
Photo of MAJCaldwell MAJ Trivius Caldwell Instructor 845.938.2661  
Photo of LTCCarlisle LTC Joshua Carlisle Assistant Professor 845.938.2388  
Photo of MAJChapman MAJ Micah Chapman Instructor 845.938.4745  
Photo of Dr.Daily-Bruckner, Dr. Katie Daily-Bruckner, Assistant Professor 845-938-2189  
Photo of Dr.Eils Dr. Colleen Eils Assistant Professor 845.938.0227  
Photo of CPTFarrar CPT Renee Farrar Assistant Professor 845.938.4337  
Photo of Dr.Herbst Dr. Seth Herbst Assistant Professor 845.938.2484  
Photo of Dr.Hoppe Dr. Jason Hoppe Associate Dean for the Writing Program and Mounger Center 845.938.2198  
Photo of CPTJohnson CPT Kristen Johnson Instructor 845.938.8383  
Photo of LTCJones LTC Harry Jones Instructor 845.938.2058  
Photo of MAJLeone MAJ Joshua Leone Instructor 845.938.3059  
Photo of MAJMann MAJ Aaron Mann Instructor 845.938.4165  
Photo of CPTMcGilley CPT Rebecca McGilley Operations Officer\ Instructor 845.938.0420  
Photo of Dr.Morris Dr. Courtney Morris Assistant Professor 845.938.2595  
Photo of Dr.Nelson Dr. Cassandra Nelson Assistant Professor 845.938.2661  
Photo of MAJParsons MAJ Scott Parsons Assistant Professor 845.938.2199  
Photo of Dr.Salyer Dr. Matthew Salyer Assistant Professor 845.938.3553  
Photo of Dr.Sider Dr. Justin Sider Assistant Professor 845.938.8184  
Photo of CPTWallace CPT Alison Wallace Instructor 845.938.4685  
Photo of Dr.Zukerman Dr. Cordelia Zukerman Assistant Professor 8459383552  


Administrative Staff  

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of Mrs.Fox Mrs. Kristina Fox Executive Officer 845.938.3967  
Photo of Mr.Johnson Mr. Terron Johnson System Administrator 845.938.4338  
Photo of Mr.Bridges Mr. Gary Bridges Administrative Support Assistant 845.938.5256  


Professor Emeritus "In Memoriam"

Photo Name Position Duty Phone  
Photo of COL (Ret.)Calabro COL (Ret.) John Calabro Professor