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Faculty and Staff

Professors and Department Heads
  Name Position Phone E-mail
COL Scott Krawczyk COL Scott Krawczyk Professor and Department Head 845-938-3659
COL Michael Stoneham ​Academy Professor​ and Acting Deputy Department Head ​845-938-2772
Dr. Elizabeth Samet ​Professor of English ​845-938-2083
Dr. Robert E. Tully Dr. Robert E. Tully Professor of Philosophy 845-938-2501
Academy Professors and Associate Professors
Name​ ​Position Phone​ ​E-mail
LTC Justin Gage Academy Professor​ 845-938-0226​
LTC Brian Imiola LTC Brian Imiola ​Academy Professor ​845-938-2329
LTC Christopher Mayer Academy Professor​​ 845-938-0225
Dr. Tony McGowan​ Associate Professor of English​ 845-938-2670​
LTC Peter Molin​ Academy Professor​ ​845-938-3242
COL John Nelson​ Academy Professor​ 845-938-2248​
Dr. Patrick Query Associate Professor​ ​845-938-8383
Dr. Karin Roffman Dr. Karin Roffman ​Associate Professor​ ​845-938-4764
Dr. Terri Sabatos ​Associate Professor​ ​845-938-2198​
Dr. Schoonhoven Dr. Richard Schoonhoven Associate Professor of Philosophy​ 845-938-2485​
Assistant Professors and Instructors
  Name Position Phone E-mail
MAJ Thomas N. Anderson MAJ Thomas N. Anderson Instructor 845-938-2199
LTC David Barnes LTC David Barnes Assistant Professor 845-938-2231
LTC Bauer LTC John Bauer ​Instructor ​845-938-5234
Dr. Melissa Bergeron Dr. Melissa Bergeron Assistant Professor 845-938-5237
CPT Sean Case CPT Sean Case Instructor 845-938-2661
LTC Scott T. Chancellor LTC Scott T. Chancellor Assistant Professor 845-938-2771
LTC Sean Cleveland LTC Sean Cleveland Assistant Professor 845-938-4745
MAJ Crouse MAJ Robert Crouse ​​Instructor ​845-938-2976
CPT Daley ​CPT Deborah Daley ​Instructor ​845-938-2502
MAJ Dansberger ​MAJ Sean Dansberger ​Instructor ​845-938-2646
MAJ John Dvorak MAJ John Dvorak Instructor 845-938-2691
Dr. Stephen Finn Dr. Stephen Finn Assistant Professor of Philosophy 845-938-4257
MAJ David Escobar MAJ David E. Escobar ​Instructor ​845-938-3882
MAJ Fishback ​MAJ Ian Fishback ​Instructor ​845-938-4337
Dr. Gray ​Dr. Patrick Gray ​Assistant Professor ​845-938-3552
MAJ Karin R. Gresham MAJ Karin R. Gresham Instructor 845-938-0227
MAJ Hadlock ​MAJ Erin Hadlock ​Instructor ​845-938-2155
MAJ Bauer ​LTC David Harper ​Instructor ​845-938-3617 ​TBA
MAJ Richard Hartney MAJ Richard Hartney Instructor 845-938-4685
Prof Hoppe ​Dr. Jason Hoppe ​Assistant Professor ​845-938-2643
Prof Johnston ​Dr. Richard Johnston ​Assistant Professor ​845-938-0420
MAJ Jones ​MAJ Harry Jones ​Instructor ​845-938-2484
MAJ Charles L. Markley MAJ Charles L. Markley Instructor 845-938-1630
MAJ Miller ​MAJ Hendrik Miller ​Instructor ​845-938-3059
Dr. Marc Napolitano Dr. Marc Napolitano Assistant Professor 845-938-8184
Prof Parsons Dr. Graham Parsons Assistant Professor 845-938-3553
LTC Michael Saxon LTC Michael Saxon Assistant Professor 845-938-0925
CPT Schieman ​CPT Kevin Schieman ​Instructor ​845-938-2189
MAJ Nicolas Utzig MAJ Nicholas Utzig ​Instructor ​845-938-4165
CPT Ward ​CPT Thomas Ward ​Instructor ​845-938-4068
MAJ Alexandre Weis MAJ Alexandre Weis Instructor 845-938-2863
LTC Joe West LTC Joe West Instructor 845-938-2186
Dr. Rebecca Wisor Dr. Rebecca Wisor Assistant Professor 845-938-3368
LTC Wyszynski ​LTC Joseph Wyszynski ​Instructor ​845-938-2388
Administrative Staff
  Name Position Phone E-mail
Mrs. Kristina Fox Mrs. Kristina Fox Executive Officer 845-938-3967
Ms. Fran Hoag Ms. Fran Hoag Administrative Support Assistant 845-938-5256
Ms. Mira Majadas Ms. Mira Majadas Executive Secretary 845-938-2501
Mr. Robert McLoughlin Mr. Robert McLoughlin Systems Administrator 845-938-3187