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Department of English and Philosophy : History of Art at West Point

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The History of Art at West Point



Portrait of Jefferson

Thomas Sully’s 1821-1822 “Portrait of Jefferson”

hangs in the Jefferson Library Haig Room.



View from West Point

The view from West Point was oft-painted by 19th-century

   Shown here is German artist Paul Ritter’s  “View from West Point.”

Drawing classes

Drawing classes were an important part of the cadet curriculum well into the 20th -century.


Theseus Slaying the Centaur

William Tecumseh Sherman’s

“Theseus Slaying the Centaur” from 1838.
Asleep on Post

James Whistler’s “Asleep on Post” from 1853.

Whistler attended but did not graduate  from

West Point.

artistic opportunitiesartistic opportunities2

Today, the Department of English and Philosophy’s Cadet Fine Arts Forum provides artistic

 opportunities for cadets and community members, and West Point remains a popular

 location from which to view and paint the Hudson Valley.




The Circle and the Spiral

The Department of English and Philosophy, in conjunction with the Directorate of Cadet Affairs,

publishes The Circle and the Spiral, the cadet literary and arts annual.