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Department of English and Philosophy



“Literature, Memory and the First World War”


United States Military Academy, New York
September 11-14, 2014


The Department of English and Philosophy, with assistance from the Department of History, will host an academic conference from 11-14 September 2014 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the "war to end all wars," World War One.  

During our conference, which is timed to commemorate the beginning of that war's most salient feature, trench warfare, we will consider both the literature inspired by trench warfare and the memory of it in our modern consciousness.  We anticipate hosting up to 250 scholars at our three day event; currently, we plan to involve   the Department of History, the West Point Museum, and the West Point Library in the event..


- Acknowledge the war and its import in Western Culture.

- Celebrate the literature that creates our modern consciousness of WWI -Affirm the significance of the First World War in modern culture.

- Affirm USMA’s position as an institution devoted to serious scholarship and resource for the study of leadership, war, and culture.

- Provide faculty, cadets, and community members a venue to engage in scholarly dialogue regarding the literature and memory of WWI.

- Celebrate the value of the humanities  in the preparation of soldiers and scholars for service to the nation.

For organized panel sessions and for roundtable discussions, please provide a title, brief description (100 words), and names of presenters by TBD. For paper proposals, please provide 250-300 word abstracts by TBD. All submissions and inquiries should be directed to Jessica Stock at or (845) 938-3552.