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Department of Foreign Languages : Prospective Faculty

Teach in the Department of Foreign Languages

We are constantly searching for top-quality Army Officers with extensive knowledge of foreign languages and cultures to share their acquired knowledge with the Cadets at USMA.  We believe that an understanding of foreign languages and cultures will assist West Point Graduates in addressing the international dilemmas and conflicts that they will undoubtedly be engaged in throughout their Army careers.

- For the Faculty Search Period with a deadline of 25 October 2016, we are currently searching for languages to be determined.
In order to teach in the Department of Foreign Languages (DFL) an Officer must:
·         be in the grade of O3 or above (primary focus on YG2010 and 2011)
·         be a career course graduate
·         be  Company Grade Key Development (KD) complete (NLT start of Graduate School)
·         possess the aptitude to teach one or more of the languages within the DFL (based on DLPT score/ Candidate Interview)
·         possess at least a Master’s degree in the language being taught **
You can apply to join the rotating military faculty through the advanced civil schooling program (Masters or Ph.D.) or through a direct fill assignment (if you already possess at least a Masters Degree and display proficiency in the language).  If selected by a DFL candidate board to teach in DFL, you will be given a full paid Scholarship through the Army to obtain either a Masters or Ph.D from a U.S. University of your choice.  Masters degree candidates are given between one and two years to complete their degree and Ph.D. candidates are given 3 years.    
Upon completion of your schooling, rotating military faculty members will serve a 2-3 Year utilization tour at USMA teaching their language.  Here is a sample timeline of a potential ACS candidate who completes a 2-year Graduate Program and a 3-year USMA tour: 

If you are interested in an ACS assignment, please fill out the USMA officer assignment interest form at the following link:
In filling out your interest form, please ensure that you indicate which language(s) you would like to teach in the last box “Indicate the discipline(s) in which you would like to study and teach...”. Please note that in order to be considered for the upcoming selection board, your full Application needs to be submitted NLT 15 October.

Once your interest form has been reviewed, and you have been approved for selection as a candidate, please access the WEST Link for Faculty Applicants W.E.S.T. Faculty Candidate Login and upload, at a minimum, the following documents:
-       Last Three OERs
-       Updated ORB
-       Personal Statement answering the question “How will teaching in DFL bridge the gap between what you have previously done and what you hope to do in the future?”
-       College Transcripts (Unofficial Student Copies are satisfactory for this portion of the process)
Please also thoroughly fill out the rest of the application, especially, the information regarding your DLPT scores.

If you have any questions or issues regarding the application process, please contact, MAJ Angel Robles, or MAJ Charlie Parsons,
**Graduate Study concentrations such as Area Studies may only be considered on a case by case basis and approved by the DFL Chain of Command.