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  The United States Military Academy's

13th Annual Diversity Leadership Conference

 2 - 4 October  


On behalf of Lieutenant General David Huntoon, Jr., Superintendent of the United States Military Academy, the Diversity Leadership Council and the West Point Association of Graduates, thank you to those who participated in the 2012 Diversity Leadership Conference.  We are looking forward to another great event at DLC2013!

West Point thanks the following supporters:

Booz Allen Hamilton - Coca-Cola - Raytheon - USAA - Wal-Mart - Wiley Publishing



“Diversity: The Road To Readiness” 


     On October 3-4, 2012, the United States Military Academy will host the 13th Annual Diversity Leadership Conference at Eisenhower Hall, West Point, New York.
     We will explore best practices and approaches for harnessing the holistic power of the talent that exists in culturally diverse organizations.
     We invite all leaders in uniform, in the public sector and representatives from industry to participate in our discussion of ways to overcome diversity and inclusionary challenges. Cadets and West Point community members are also welcome to attend.

    This year’s conference theme is “Diversity: Your Road to Readiness”. The purpose of the conference is to engage in open and frank discussions on topics that impact readiness and mission accomplishment. . 

     Conference attendees are welcome to attend and participate in the West Point community’s celebration of Diversity Day, October 2nd, from 6 pm to 8:30 pm. On October 5th, academy attendees and planning members will collate the best practices and “next” practices that West Point should incorporate or recommend to the Army for consideration of adoption in whole or in part, and to identify areas for further research either at West Point or for consideration by the Army for further research and development.  

      The DLC has been a part of the USMA conference schedule for the past 12-years (2010 and 2011 programs) and strives to advance diversity initiatives in the Army and at the United States Military Academy.