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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

6:30pm Diversity / International Day Crest Hall

Experience the United States Corps of Cadets and West Point’s presentation of cultural heritage and diversity. Please join us for food samples, cultural displays, dancing, music, and demonstrations.

6:30pm Conference Registration Eisenhower Hall Promenade

Menu: Grilled Chicken Breasts and Pulled Pork, Rolls, Green Salad, Dessert

Registered guests of the conference are welcome to join us for dinner in the Ballroom that overlooks Crest Hall and the Promenade where the Diversity/International Day festivities will take place. The food provided at Diversity/International Day is intended to be samples and is not intended to replace a meal.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

7:30am Breakfast Riverside Cafe

A light breakfast of bagels and fresh fruit $8.00

8:10am Alva Mason Eisenhower Hall Ballroom

The Manager of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Relations for Toyota Motor Sales will kick-off the 2012 Diversity Leadership Conference.

8:40am Urban Outreach Ideas! Eisenhower Hall Ballroom

Mr. Val Nicholas, NBC Universal Creative Director for NBC News, and others Will assist in an exploration of what are the United States Military Academy and other organizations doing to inspire urban youth to be leaders in their communities and the Nation? A distinguished panel will discuss methods of opening pathways to opportunity for urban youth to help them build bridges to leadership roles in their communities and for the Nation. Through a facilitated discussion they will address the continued development and refinement of an Urban Outreach Strategy by presenting key efforts in the areas of expanding opportunities for nomination to Service Academies, STEM outreach, Leadership & Ethics, youth mentoring programs, developing academic excellence and work by leading organizations.

9:50am VALUEd Eisenhower Hall Ballroom

How does bullying and hazing in the Department of Defense affect mission readiness; why does the problem exist and how do we prevent it? Army Lieutenant Colonel Wall from the Department of the Army Equal Opportunity Program and Policy Office will team up with Navy Lieutenant Commander Leedjia Svec to discuss the causes and effects of bullying and hazing in the Department of Defense and the United States Army. During the course of their discussion they will address the facts currently available, the need for continued research and glimpse of the Army’s current course of action to resolve the problem.

11:00am Faith/Belief Impact: Eisenhower Ballroom

Diversity and Faith Working Together

How does religious diversity impact the United States Army culture? This session will begin with a glimpse at how religious diversity has shaped the world with a skit produced by USMA Cadets and will conclude with Dr. Klon Kitchen affirming the religious and spiritual freedom of all persons and the value of approaching the religious convictions of a person or group with respect and sensitivity.

12:10pm Lunch: Army General Dennis L. Via Riverside Café

Menu: Ziti Marinara, meatballs, garden salad, and rolls $12.00

The Commanding General of the United States Army Material Command will discuss his perspective on the role that diversity plays in shaping the Army and how Diversity relates to Readiness.

1:55pm Transforming Hostile Work Environments Eisenhower Theater

In this two-hour moderated discussion, three distinguished women will share their experiences and insight on ways to operate in a hostile work environment. The panelists will share their personal stories and offer methods of dealing with, reporting, surviving, and ultimately thriving after operating in environments that forever changed their lives.

5:45pm Cocktail Hour Eisenhower Hall Promenade

Registered guests of the conference are welcome to join us for beverages on the Promenade that over-looks Crest Hall prior to dinner. A cash bar will be available.

6:30pm Dinner: Vipp Jaswal Eisenhower Hall Ballroom

Menu: A buffet featuring Beef Burgundy & Chicken Picatta, wild rice pilaf, egg noodles, seasonal vegetables, garden salad, rolls and desert $26.00

Registered guests are invited to join us for dinner. Vipp Jaswal is the director of Fox News Channel’s International Development and Business Department. Mr. Jaswal will address “Diversity: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”. His message will address how far we’ve come, the distance yet to be covered, and the effort and commitment it takes to succeed at inclusion.

7:30pm Evening Lecture: Dr. Martina Carroll-Garrison Eisenhower Theater

Join the class of 2014 for an evening lecture by Dr. Carroll-Garrison of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She will be discussing the role that civility plays in the work place and results of her research that focused upon an Exploration of Managers’ Awareness And Reaction To Workplace Incivility


Thursday, October 4, 2012

7:30am Breakfast Riverside Cafe

A light breakfast of bagels and fresh fruit $8.00

8:10am Larry Stubblefield Eisenhower Theater

The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Diversity and Leadership, Assistant Secretary of the Army, Manpower & Reserve Affairs will discuss the Army’s Outreach Execution Plan and progress made on the Army’s training and education programs that will develop socio-cultural competencies for the 21 st Century Expeditionary Force.

8:40am Core of the Corps Eisenhower Theater

At the direction of the United States Military Academy Superintendent, the United States Military Academy Band prepared a leadership experience entitled, The Core of the Corps. The musical leadership primer centers on the tenants of the West Point Leader Development System. The band will demonstrate how a group of diverse professional musicians operate and the roles that leadership, teamwork, and communication play in an ensemble, which mirror the same roles in any organization. Participants are seated around the ensemble so they can experience the subtleties that occur as the conductor communicates and leads the ensemble. Sign up at the Band’s kiosk on the Promenade outside the Ballroom.

9:50am (Choose one)

Outreach: Guaranteed 4.0 (Academic Excellence) Center Ballroom

This distinguished panel will discuss methods to help diverse candidates improve their academic performance in high school, their ACT and SAT test scores, and succeed academically in a demanding university setting both under graduate and graduate levels.


VALUEd: Safety in an Unsafe Place East Ballroom

In March of 2006, Soldiers of the 1st Battalion, 502d Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) committed war-crimes that would come to be known as the “Mahmudiyah Killings” and eventually inspire the book, Black Hearts: One Platoon's Descent into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death. In this moderated discussion, two service members who were close to the events as they unfolded will talk about how dominant personalities can polarize and deteriorate the ethical climate of an organization. They will explore the challenges of acting as a bystander in the face of adversity and how leaders of character at various levels can determine the course of an entire unit.

11:00am (Choose one)

Outreach: Ideas! Center Ballroom

In an environment where creative solutions can determine mission success or failure Diversity is the cornerstone for generating ideas. This panel will discuss various methods of engaging a diverse group in order to generate potential outcomes to ensure mission success and organization readiness.


Faith / Belief Impact: Diversity & Religious Liberties East Ballroom

Dr. Klon Kitchen will lead a discussion and answer the question, “Does our Founding Fathers’ intent about religion still ring true for today?” Should it in the 21st century?

12:10pm Lunch: Marc Morial Riverside Café

Menu: Marinated Grilled Chicken, Pasta ala Vodka, Caesar Salad, and dessert $12.00

The President and CEO of the National Urban League will share his thoughts on how Diversity relates to organizational readiness, and how leaders have to take the lead to make a difference.

1:55pm VALUEd: Best Practices East Ballroom

The Cadet in Charge of United States Corps of Cadets Respect Program will moderate this discussion where The CEO of Rachel’s Challenge, Rob Unger, and the Founder of the Workplace Bullying Institute; Dr. Gary Namie, will discuss Best Practices in the Prevention of Bullying and Hazing. Both of these organizations are considered to be among the best in the Nation and are leading the way to end bullying at different stages of life.

3:00pm (Choose one)

Faith / Belief Impact: Faith & Diversity for Leaders East Ballroom

Can a military leader or Army civilian supervisor openly practice their faith in the workplace? This topic will address the everyday challenges of being in a leadership position of influence while not compromising one’s personal belief systems.


Combat Exclusion Debate Center Ballroom

Members of the United States Military Academy Debate Team will present both sides of a debate over the repeal of the Army’s Combat Exclusion Policy.

4:00pm Conference Capstone: Alvin’s Laws of Life East Ballroom

Considering Alvin Law was born without arms, simply overcoming that challenge would be impressive enough. But, “Overachiever” would be a much better word to describe this man than “Disabled”. Alvin will wrap the conference up with an inspirational message about appreciating the value that every person brings to the team.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Members of the West Point Diversity Conference planning team will compile the conference proceedings (best practices, next practices, opportunities for further research), and present them to academy leadership.